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How Body's Own Stem Cells Can Help in Tooth Regeneration

January 26th, 2020

Stem cell therapy has been used in many medical fields to aid in healing and even help tissue regenerate. Teeth stem cells have shown promise in helping with dental issues as well, and possibly even providing an opportunity for new teeth to be regrown. This could allow dental professionals to use the stem cells in teeth to regenerate teeth for restorative dentistry rather than resorting to dentures or implants. Here's how this works.

Stem Cell Overview

Stem cells are found throughout the body and are specific type of cells that are able to differentiate into other types of cells and tissue. That means they can actually develop into a specific type of cell or tissue, which makes them invaluable for treating illnesses or helping the body heal. There are different types of stem cells, but the types most abundant in teeth are called mesenchymal stem cells.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Mesenchymal stem cells are typically used in stem cell therapy used to address issues with the skeletal system. This type of cell can make cartilage, bone, or fat, making it an excellent option for treating orthopedic ailments. However, these cells are able to specialize in many types of cells so they can develop into cells with specific shapes, functions, and tissue so they have a lot of potential in the dental field as well.

Dental Applications

There are numerous applications that dental stem cells can be used for. They can be used to restore pulp tissue that's removed due to infection, or regenerate periodontal ligaments that are lost to periodontal disease. One of the most promising applications of dental stem cell therapy is actually regenerating teeth. Using a scaffold of natural materials it's possible for a tooth to actually be regrown in the tooth socket, rather than outside the tooth, which requires artificial implantation.

Harvesting Tooth Stem Cells

A major reason tooth stem cells are becoming a preferred source of stem cells is how easily they can be harvested. Other stem cells may require extraction from bone marrow. However, tooth stem cells can be taken from teeth that are lost naturally or by dentist extraction. Contact Tooth Bank today to learn more about harvesting and storing teeth stem cells for future use.