"I can’t thank the Tooth Bank enough for giving me the chance to store my daughter’s dental stem cells. We were not able to store her umbilical cord blood at the time of birth, and this gave us a second opportunity to ensure that she has the best possible chance for a healthy future."
- Amy S. / Chicago, IL.

"My son is a Type 1 diabetic and I'm hoping one day it could cure him.”
- Julie R. / Dallas, TX

"I want my daughter to be healthy and if she gets a disease that can be cured by her dental stem cells why not pay to make sure she can be healthy. "
- Kathy S. / Tampa, FL

"We banked our boys' dental stem cells hoping to never need them... The peace of mind was well worth the cost."
- Ryan and Shannon / Northern California

"The advancements in dental stem cell research are exciting. If we need them our children's stem cells will be there. Why wouldn’t you do it?”
- Katie R. / Cincinnati, OH

"This is an insurance policy for our son ― God forbid anything ever happens, they will be there for him.”
- Shellie F. / Philadelphia, PA

"Better safe than sorry! It was important to have our daughters stem cells available if she should need them in the future.”
- Jeremy and Kathleen K. / Minneapolis, MN

Tooth Bank gave us the opportunity to store my daughters stem cells. If something ever happen to her and we hadn’t given her the best chance at a healthy life, I would never forgive myself. Thank you so much!
- Daniel and Christine A. / Indianapolis, IN.

"We spend hundreds, if not thousands a year on sports and education. Why not spend a hundred plus dollars on something that can save our children’s life in the future. This was an easy decision for us to make.” Thanks Tooth Bank!
- Megan R. / Detroit, Michigan

As a mother of a son that was born prematurely, we were not able to store his cord blood. Tooth Bank gave us another opportunity to store his dental stem cells in case of a health issue in the future. Thank you for giving us this added peace of mind.
- Jill B. / Nashville, TN.

"Why wouldn’t I give my son the best chance at a healthy future life? Tooth Bank gives him that chance.”
- Courtney G. / St. Louis, MO.

"With changes in medicine happening everyday, it gives us peace of mind to know that we have given our daughter a chance at a healthy life.”
- Susan K. / San Francisco, CA.

"Tooth Bank is so affordable, if I didn’t do this for my daughters and they needed their stem cells in the future, I would completely regret it.”
- Jack S. / Louisville, KY

"Tooth Bank worked with me and my family so that we could put together a plan for all 4 of my children to save their stem cells at an affordable price. Thanks Tooth Bank for helping secure the possibility of a healthy future for all of my children.”
- Sally R. / Denver, CO.

"My dad lost his sight in his eye from a stroke, and we want to be as prepared if something such as this should happen to our son. With all the stem cell trials going on, optic nerve regeneration could be a possibility. Tooth Bank gave us hope should anything happen to our son that he has the best possible chance for a cure and a healthy life.”
- Cindy P. / Atlanta, GA.