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It is important to plan for your childrenís future. You spend money on education, extracurricular activities, and clothing. Why not invest in a healthy future for your children by banking their dental stem cells? Being prepared for your family's future is important. Taking steps to ensure you are ready for health issues down the road can give you peace of mind. Dental Stem Cell Banking is a secure way to store your childís baby teeth, wisdom teeth, or healthy extracted teeth. Bless your children with the best possibility for a healthy future.

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Stem cells are changing the future of medicine. Will your child have access to their own life-changing stem cells?

Welcome to the Tooth Bank!

The field of regenerative medicine is booming! What is regenerative medicine? The simplest way to think of it is that itís the opposite of degeneration. Disease, damage, defects, and age cause degeneration, impeding, and even sometimes completely stopping, cells in our bodies from regenerating, or healing themselves. Regenerative medicine is when doctors and scientists try to improve and augmenting the bodyís own ability to regenerate, or heal, itself. Stem cells are an integral part of these regenerative strategies.

Stem cells are cells that can be taught to become any type of healthy cell. When the newly engineered healthy cells are introduced to a failing tissue or organ, their presence facilitates the healing, or regeneration, of unhealthy cells. Stem cell therapy is an exciting field of medicine and holds hope for many previously incurable conditions such as type 1 diabetes, spinal cord injuries, Parkinsonís, Alzheimerís, and many others.

One excellent source of stem cells is the dental pulp of healthy, young teeth. Stem cells from teeth are already proving to be excellent for developing regenerative therapies. With dental stem cell banking from The Tooth Bank, you can store a tooth from your child that contains their own valuable teeth stem cells.

Why invest in dental stem cells storage for your child?

  • Regenerative therapies are on the rise. Stem cells banking of your childís teeth ensures they will have access to stem cells if they need them. If your child is already struggling with a health condition, for example like type 1 diabetes, stem cells saved from their teeth today may someday be used in a cure.
  • Personal stem cells are always a perfect match; no need to worry about rejection or searching for a donor. Wisdom teeth stem cells and baby teeth stem cells saved today could save your childís life sometime down the road.
  • Younger cells are better cells. Like everything else, our cells age over time. Young cells such as stem cells from wisdom teeth, are at a prime age to be banked for use at a later date.

Stem cells banking is just another important way you can plan for your childís future. Contact us today to find out more about this important way to care for your child!

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At Toothbank, our goal is to give your family the best possible chance for a healthy future.


You will have your stem cells for your entire life. This will give you the benefits of medical advancements of today and tomorrow.

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