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The Process of Storing Dental Stem Cells

September 24th, 2018

Your Kids’ Health

It’s almost never a good idea to make absolute, all-or-nothing statements, but there is one time when it is perfectly acceptable, and that’s when you’re considering your children’s health and wellbeing. That being said, when it comes to their health, nothing is more important than the best money can provide for them. That’s why you need to seriously consider dental stem cell storage while your children are still young. Getting started with this health option can seem like a daunting process, especially when you get down to the brass tacks and search the internet for terms like “dental stem cells fees.” Don’t be put off by the concept or the cost, however, until you understand the entire process.

The Process

Here’s a quick overview of how the process of storing dental stem cells works. The decision to harvest dental stem cells usually occurs hand in hand with a planned dental procedure. The cells can be extracted from adult or baby teeth, so making an attempt to harvest them from your children’s teeth and then store them for their future use is basically an investment in their health. There’s also some significant evidence that harvesting these cells from baby teeth results in better potency than taking them from adult teeth. The perfect time to do this is when you know your child will have to have a tooth extracted, so be sure to ask your health provider if they have experience or are willing to help you in the process of harvesting these valuable biological health resources.

Scheduling the Procedure

Before scheduling the procedure, talk with your stem cell storage provider about how they will work with your dentist to make sure the stem cells make their way to the storage provider. There, they will be cryogenically frozen and properly stored. After you pay the applicable dental stem cells fees, you can count on peace of mind for many years to come should your children ever have cause to use the cells in a major health procedure like cancer treatment, diabetes treatment or vision restoration. Your kids will thank you for your forethought if they ever find themselves facing the myriad of health conditions stem cells can be used to overcome.