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6 Reasons to Store Your Dental Stems

November 14th, 2019

Nowadays, stem cell storage companies can help you store dental stems for future use. Storing your stem cells is critical because it can help you cure potentially severe diseases in the future. Before, you can only save a person's stems by keeping his or her umbilical cord and placenta. Currently, more opportunities exist for older people who wish to store their stems for future stem cell therapy. Here are why you should save your dental stems.

Save Family Members from Serious Diseases

Improving your family's chances from blood diseases and autoimmune disorders is the main reason for storing stem cells. Storing dental stems ensures that you have these essential cells ready when your children or family members need them. You don't have to decide instantly at your children's birth to harvest the stems. Don't let stem cell storage cost put you off in saving your tooth for future stem cell therapy.

Dental Stems Are Essential for Rebuilding Damaged Organs

Stem cells are building blocks of many tissues and organs in the body. Doctors use them to regenerate tissues that are identical to yours and transplant them to replace the damaged parts. By storing these cells properly, you can preserve them for life-saving regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy for later use.

Great Potential for Curing More Diseases in the Future

At present, stem cell therapy is very useful in curing blood cancers, other malignancies, and autoimmune diseases. There are also thousands of ongoing clinical trials and researches to help assess the effectiveness of stem cell therapy in many presently incurable diseases. Some of the illnesses that stem cell therapy can help potentially cure in the future are spinal cord injuries, Parkinson's, Autism, stroke, and heart attack, among others.

Dental Stems Are Much Easier to Collect

Dental stems are more accessible to harvest because you can get them from fallen milk teeth and wisdom tooth extractions. There is a longer window of time, and even adults can now harvest their stem cells later in life.

Dental Stems Are the Patient's Sample

Dental stems have a higher chance of success because the stem cells belong to the patient. Like with any stem cell transplant, it is always vital to have the perfect match to prevent complications and rejections. Dental stem cells are a patient's own.

Other Family Members Can Also Use These Stems

Other members of the family can also use the stems, but it's now easier to harvest theirs by wisdom tooth extraction and saving the dental pulp where the stems are.

The only potential set back to this process is stem cell storage price. Ask the Tooth Bank about it so you can avail of the best value.