Saving Dental Stem Cells

Saving Dental Stem Cells

Chances are that you’ve heard about stem cells and how valuable they are because they can be directed to grow into any type of cell. This quality gives stem cells the potential to be used to treat a wide variety of health issues, such as Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

What many people don’t know about these unique cells, however, is that a number of them can be found in some of the teeth.

The primary teeth are a significant resource of stem cells, as are the wisdom teeth. When these teeth fall out or are extracted, patients have an opportunity to stockpile their own cells. 

Through a service called Toothbank, which is available through our office, patients can easily and conveniently preserve their teeth’s stem cells for potential use at a later time.

When you are planning for an extraction, you can include stem cell preservation as part of that planning process. If the dentist or surgeon is able to obtain the stem cells immediately after the tooth is extracted, there is minimal disruption in blood supply to the stem cells prior to preservation—which is critical to their viability.

With Toothbank, patients can easily and conveniently preserve their teeth’s stem cells for potential use at a later time.  After removing the tooth, the dental professional can capture the stem cells using Toothbank’s recovery and transportation kit, which continues to nourish the stem cells in the tooth. Your stem cells will then be stored cryogenically in case you ever wish to use them for some sort of therapeutic treatment in the future for you or your family members. 

Patients benefit from this approach because they will be using their own stem cells, virtually eliminating the chances that they will be rejected if used in a treatment. If you fear that your saved stem cells would for some reason not be viable, rest assured that Toothbank offers a money-back guarantee.  The process is very similar to the way umbilical cord stem cells are saved.  There are three key differences: 1.) Much more affordable to save dental stem cells; 2.) You can multiply dental stem cells unlike umbilical cord stem cells, so you and your family have them for life; 3.) Many more medical applications.

Toothbank gives you the priceless opportunity to preserve stem cells from your teeth. Ask your Dentist or Oral Surgeon how you can take advantage of this valuable technology.