Copy of Pricing

Copy of Pricing


At ToothBank, family is most important to us. We provide the best dental stem cell storage in the industry at the most affordable price, so that every family can take advantage of advancements in medicine. Ask us about our Family Plans that are available as well.

*When Stem cells are needed in the future, Tooth Bank will multiply stem cells at no cost to you, unlike our competitors.

*Annual fees are will be locked in and the rates will not increase.



  • Processing Fee (Lab, Harvesting Cells, Viability): $675
  • First Year Storage: $115

Total: $790

Annual Store: $115

Storage Prepayment Plans

  • 2 Month Payment Plan: $396/month
  •  4 Month Payment Plan: $199/month
  • 5 Year Storage: $499
  • 10 Year Storage: $899
  • 20 Year Storage: $1499