FAQs for Healthcare Providers

How do I get enrolled as a provider for the Tooth Bank?

Contact the Tooth Bank and we will sign you up and also ship some kits for last minute enrollments.

Will information be sent to my office for patients viewing?

Marketing and PR support will be sent to your office

What if clients forget to bring in collection kit to office?

Not to worry, just use one of the kits you have in office stored for last minute enrollments.

What are the Benefits for my practice?

Allows your practice to offer cutting edge science that differentiates your practice.

What are the Benefits for my patients?

Allows them to collect their own stem cells that are a 100% match to them. This is similar to cord blood banking; the stem cells are a guaranteed match to the patient. This is a once in a life-time opportunity. Patients want to know about cutting edge technology like what the Tooth Bank provides, so they can prepare for their future.